Collection: King Solomon Secret Seals and Amulets

What kind of Life Situations would you like to turn around?

The following 14 Life Situations describe our entire existence on Earth. Each of us can find the exact elements and events they experienced and choose to change it, to solve problems from their core, find practical ways to upgrade the current situation, and direct it to the right path according to what we want for ourselves.

King Solomon Secret Seals and Amulets have been created by King Solomon. When G-d asked King Solomon what does he won’t for himself, the Solomon answer: I won’t to be wisest man in the whole universe.

Amulets and Pendants you can see in our Webstore are for Wealth, Fortune, Protection, Health, Prosperity and Success. How we do it? We use original drawings left by sculptures. This Seals and Amulets produced from Hi end stainless steel and precision laser machines which you may see in this video. Please visit our store at: and see all of it buy yourself.